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2018 for Monkeys In Space


Time to finally get this album done.

A lot of time has passed since we have released new music or done anything of note.. Life smacked us in the face and we never saw it coming. To afford to keep our families and lives a float we had to put our dreams and our plans on hold to re-group.

We continued working towards the completion of our next full-length album, Kill Your Past,  but it has been several years in the making and I have definitely succumbed to more than a few moments of doubt that we would ever get to share these songs with the world.

Kill Your Past is filled with songs of growing up, moving on- the painful moments and the happiest of the past 4 years and our time on this earth. Lessons learned and repeated mistakes.. born of something deep down in our souls.. It is something I blindly refused to let die and even at the loneliest and worst of times- I never let the drive to finish the record and return to the stage subside.

Over our 10+ years as a band we have worked with a lot of mixers and producers and never seemed to get the sound that we were going for. So much so, that a lot of our songs over the last 4 years will forever remain on the cutting room floor. We decided that if we wanted the album done right, we would have to record, mix and produce the record ourselves.. And that is just what we have done. It has added years to the process with all of the curve balls life has thrown our way but the songs have only been made better by the years.

With the process taking much, much longer than we had ever hoped for- we decided to start releasing songs along the way. I am stoked to say you can now hear 6 of these new songs everywhere music is sold or streamed online and it is just the beginning! We will continue to release songs until the final release of the full album this winter 2018.

With the release of Kill Your Past will be a whole new Monkeys In Space. Older, wiser (we hope), and more From Space to Your Face, Badass-Assness than ever before. We will be returning to the stage in support of the new album and hope to pick up right where we left off.. as the baddest band in show biz.

Thank you to everyone that has stayed with us along the way, we can’t wait to bring the rock to you soon.. Kill Your Past WILL be released winter 2018 and we will reclaim our crowns as the one and only Whiskey Kings. Stay connected with us on our Facebook and our Website for news on upcoming single releases and pre-order information.

From ours to yours, we give you Kill Your Past:

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