my words work like barnes n' noble…

Mi$ live with the Ataris.. Ima bout to get a degree and Fearless Records Internship..



So the original Monkey crew, including Josh Smith and Ryan Higginson will be sharing the Stage with J and I for the Ataris show in Temecula on September 8th.. We have all made our peace and figure rocking together is a much better alternative then… well.. not.. I am stoked to get up there and melt some faces with the guys that put Mi$ on the map.. literally. 

And so it seems, despite many attempts to curtail my own academic performance, I have managed to pull though and earn myself a degree from Columbia College- Pretty stoked to begin the next chapter of my life in music and academia. 

Tomorrow I start my internship at Fearless Records.. Hopefully this road leads to Warped Tour..Excited to be apart of a team that does professionally what I have been trying to do DIY for the last 5 years.. Eager to learn- to say the least. 

Hope to see all of you in Temecula on the 8th.. Life has been pretty hectic lately and some familiar faces would be comforting! 


from space to your face.. 


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