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2012 is lookin good..

Monkeys In Space Number 22 on the San Diego Rock Charts

Monkeys In Space Number 22 on the San Diego Rock Charts

Over night the Monkeys In FUCKIN Space jumped 11 spots on the rock charts! We are now NUMBER 22 on the San Diego Rock Charts! Thats 22 spots behind Slightly Stoopid! So Stoked people are finalllyyyy hearing the jams and I am ready for this next album to wrap.. and wait till you hear the dance remix of Flying Under the Influence our boy Adam Cobb (Vyranis) is pumpin out.. stay tuned 2012!

Our tour dates are being added daily to the facebook page- our kickstarter is killllinn it and we are 6 weeks out to our first real major DIY tour; backing our first real album- in our first totally real and totally kick ass tour bus from the distant past. It’s shapin up to be a great summer and we are plannin to go until we can go no longer.. hopefully the beginning of a solid year or two of touring. I NEED IT. We just ordered our first real batch of decent merch in 2 years- hopefully enough to keep us on the road long enough to melt all the faces in all the land.

The band is really starting to abandon the troubles and grudges that seemed to plague us during the holiday months and we are starting to mesh again, the excitement and energy is back like someone lit off a firecracker in the box- and we mean business. A new webisode is on the way that is filled with footage of the last 6 months I just saw.. coming soon- it captures the mess that it was, im glad we snapped out of that funk and are finally solid again and working- but i feel it’s worth showing.. its a struggle everyday but we live for that 30 minutes of pure rock n roll we’d kill to get every night.

We have a few new projects in the works including a music video for “Scream” directed by our good buddy Jared Goldstein and a live album that we are cooking up with hometown homie Josh Drucker..Oh yea and we managed talk Peter Nudo into helpin us out with some more killer artwork – Poway kid city over here. Ray Roman- IM LOOKIN FOR YOU!!

I have been a vampire lately booking this tour all hours of the night between press, bars, bookings and bands I am runnin off of pure coffee and cigarettes at this point.. so get at me anytime if you got somewhere you want us to be and I will make it happen at some point this summer.

Visit for contacts and join the Mi$ team!

thanks to everyone who donated on the kickstarter… Im just stoked. Can’t believe the love. Special edition merch on the way for all of you!

Coming soon to a city near you- in a big fuckin bus- my PUNK ASS, HA!

Monkeys In Space Number 22 on the San Diego Rock Charts

Monkeys In Space Number 22 on the San Diego Rock Charts


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