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In Wake of Recent Events…

Well things are really starting to heat up in the Monkeys camp. Over Christmas we were back on air with our buddy over at 949, Tim Pyles. Video below! On our way up to the studio we learned that Yovee, an acoustic project that we used to rock back in high school were on air. With a little gloating to my absent friends the video really turns more into a Yovee interview than a Mi$ webisode.. but what can I say, I was stoked to be in their company. Peep the Yovee below- they kick ass!

Mi$ live on FM 949

Yovee- Dreamer on the Run

We rocked the casbah last night and had an intense crowd response- albiet a weak tuesday night crowd.. but the sound of the voices of those who were there was amazing and brought the room to life! We can’t wait to come back to the Casbah!

Check out the photos Cindy @ the PulseSD caught of the night!

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on the real

So the band has been working on the new bus and gearing up for tour.. we seem to be at eachothers throats always about one thing or another and we really could use a break from somebody, somewhere.. so if your out there and are looking for a kickass rock band to invest in.. we are your boys! Time is ticking away to tour and we are short of our budget, we may have to set up a kickstarter to try and raise some funds- but we hate the thought of begging for money. We just need to get out there on the road and get to promoting Flying Under the Influence before we all get trapped in this small town forever. This fear, I feel- for now, is starting to get the better of us. It is something we have had to work at everyday to say the least, but you guys keep us going and all of the love is so greatly appreciated. Thanks and as one of my favorite bands of all time said “if it weren’t for you guys, it’d just be us…” -Melivn


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