my words work like barnes n' noble…

Rocket Ship: Check.

The gentleman in the background, Kirby, sold us our first real tour bus! Thats right I said BUS. WE just purchased our very own road warrior complete with automatic wheel chair loader and CB Radio Intercom system. We are heading out for tour March 1st, many modifications to be made to turn her into the ultimate camper/apartment.. Day 1 tomorrow.. Clean old peopleness off.. the old owners actually left a full pack of adult diapers… no joke, yuck! Power wash, baby! Then we have a sharpie artist comin by to tag us up nice an good.. rip out a few seats, 1 lava lamp and bean bag chair later.. BOOM. We are excited to say the least… strap on your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen this rocket ship is preparing to launch.

Stay Tuned to watch the Bus undergo a massive face lift!

Mi$ Tour Bus

Our New Ride...


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