my words work like barnes n' noble…

Back in the saddle again..

God i suck at this thing.. I go through spurts of giving a shit about my online identity. I’m a digital baby so its always hanging in the back of my mind.. “gota update my blog, errrr” But I find myself avoiding it as I feel it somewhat conceited to write shit down in here like I am someone noble enough to have my words actually committed to paper. Ah fuck it here goes..

The band is finally back in good spirits after reeling from the loss of our second bassist (Tony Hayse) and the cancellation of a few great shows followed by the inevitable postponement of our next cd release. We have our sights set on the right guy for the gig and we will be back in the saddle again soon enough.

Our second 2011 release “People Pleasin” is just about tracked and should be sent off for mixing within the next couple weeks. We’ve recorded everywhere from “the box” our 8×8 practice space to ryans parents garage to j’s parents garage, to a buddys poolside patio. Since giving up our garage and moving to pb we quickly realized we made a terrible mistake and racked up more months on PP’s release. Losing Tony was the icing on the cake and the band began to implode over stress and a couple of failed financial and emotional investments over a botched tour and, as a mentor of mine put it, a “Jenky Promoter.” …And Unfortunately- Tony is a married man and was invested more in his job… at guitar center, then kicking ass in the baddest rock band on the Planet- neh- the Universe but priorities… priorities.u

We are about to begin a fund raising bonanza including a kickstarter campaign and ridiculous street promotions. We desperately need a van, a trailer and enough to provide us the ability to tour the nation. Monkeys In Space, it is our time, we’ve paid our dues. Please stay tuned for ways you can help- we will credit your name on our record, play whatever you want to hear at our shows, and let you do whatever you want to our drummer. 😉 We are looking to get on the road by march and will start to roll out dates and venues as they come in.

Well there’s a lot to look forward to.. makes the fact that I am broke not so bad. We’re living the dream.. one day at a time.. check to check, baby.

Every artist was first an amateur. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks for listening and until next time.

.. Oh yea.. we are beginning a series of webisodes documenting the making our our next record and preparations for a DIY tour.. Here is the first promo of the mini series. We have no idea what were doing and are jumping in head first.. We know we have great music and we have to get it heard somehow- so here we go. We’ve already been screwed, hustled, and taken in our 2 and half year career under the Monkeys In Space moniker.. come along as we see how low we go and how high we can take it and if we can keep from killing eachother along the way.

*featuring exclusive unfinished tracks off the new record.


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