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Mi$ West Coast Summer Tour w/ Dose of Adolescence

Mi$ West Coast Summer Tour w/ Dose of Adolescence

Sitting at the studio while higgy tracks drums.. thought id give a little update…then i thought again…HA! A brand new record is on the way.. and this one is gonna be like nothing else you’ve ever heard! ROCK! Well we survived our first line-up change, we are sad to see our brother, Ryan, go but there are no hard feelings and we are all still the best of friends. Tony is a great addition to the band and adds a whole element to our sound that was definitely lacking- we couldn’t be more stoked! The first leg of our “Flying Under the Influence” tour was a huge success and we are dying to hit the road again. I will be posting a photo collage of our first trip up to the bay later tonight, we were about as tourist-y as you can get but the pictures are priceless and the bay area shows were killer! We embark on the secondleg of our west coast summer tour August 10th with our new friends Dose of Adolescence.. for official tour dates! More updates coming very soon- we got a new site, new merch a new record and the band is even lookin for a new Monkey Manor so ill be back asap with another update!

Much love!

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