my words work like barnes n' noble…

Ate shit hard.. off to AZ..


This has been the longest month this year! Getting everything off the ground has been rocky, to say the least- and finding the energy to give a shit is a rare fortune. Luckily the pace seems to finally be picking up with or without my willingness. The record is done and from what we can tell, has been selling quite well! We’re hitting the road to promote it and already making plans for the next couple releases. Look out for a 3 song sampler and our first long-overdue full length album sometime this summer-

Were headed tonight to rock Tempe, Az to rock our midnight “end of the world” show… see all you sinners in the desert.

Vegas and Havasu shows being posted soon.

Also, we are adding SLO & Santa Barbara to our Flying Under the Influence Tour.. venues posting soon.

Huge thanks to all of our friends for making our ep release so memorable and for all your continued support.. we couldn’t do it with out you.. peter nudo, tito jose, ray roman, brent canning, josh drucker and all the other hometown homies that have mis projects on their desktops.. thank you thank you

Just ate shit hard on my board, fitting- last yea in AZ I wrecked my leg on a preshow concrete volleyball game.. seems only right that I should return in similar bloodied form… least now I have an excuse for those round white pills. Ha.

To hell and back yeeehhaaww!


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