my words work like barnes n' noble…

Plastic people/ face meltor.

Alright, so I definitely chumped out and just started posting youtube vids instead of real content on my blog… Now even those are few and far between. Alright, Alright- but for once I have actually been busy! Keeping Monkeys In Space afloat is like a 24/7 job.. not too mention my real job… which- unfortunately, is also like a 24/7. I have definitely been the grumpiest clown in the world lately.. I wouldn’t even be friends with me, but I am working on it. It’s almost like everything just builds up in my mind like an endless to do list.. and then I just shut down- Just got to remember to take everything one day at a time..

That being said, I have stopped trying to figure myself out. (except for in the wee hours) Sleep still never comes easy.

So whats new eh!? Well, my gaaaawwwdddd- Too fuckin much… My hair is long, taking duecheyness to new levels but I am sure that is not what your here for.. Mi$ is blowin up- at what would seem like to the detriment of the music world- as we still can’t catch a fuckin break! Well- thats not exactly true.. we did, somewhere down the road befriend a spanish dude named Oxi that has been helping us record and mix… needless to say the jams that have been coming out of the Mi$ camp have reached new levels. Our Ep is slated for release Tuesday, April 19th and boasts 7 or 8 songs in which you will find my heart, soul- whatever.. definitely blood, sweat, and tears.. Im also uncomfortably honest and if you listen closely to what I am saying it is probably easy to understand why I am alone..

Burned another bridge.
Pocketed another contact.

Despite a cup overflowing we just decided to drop the bottle and launched MonkeyMayhem Productions. Totally fed up and disgusted with bullshit promoters.. charging $10 to see a bill of bands that should have never found electricity… Radio stations claiming to be independent and “local” as they drop STP’s latest hit from 1996 on ya one more time.. and Critics who think there words are the reason people are coming out.. Well fuck all that noise, MonkeyMayhem Productions is here to do it right. We will be launching the Mayhem with a few great shows and a summer Rock & Art festival so keep an eye out for MMP cause we on the rise.

Visit MMP here: We are always looking for volunteers & artists.. If you got a talent- we will figure out how to put it into use! Contact us!

Jumping back and forth as I usually do.. Monkeys In Space, aside from headlining a bunch of kickass MMP shows, will be embarking on our first major tour in August. We are still booking dates so if you want us to come to your town drop us a line!

There is definitely more but then what will I write about tomorrow!?

I’ll leave ya with the latest from Monkeys In Space & MonkeyMayhem Productions..

Are you a local SD band? Need a video like this one.. Visit and we’ll make ya one.. BOOM.


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