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Supportin the Wu and their cause..

Homeless Aid

Help the homeless keep warm this winter.

Wu-Tang posted a link that caught my attention today, they are trying to raise $$ and awareness for homeless aid. Although San Diego’s streets may be a bit warmer- nobody, this day an age, should be left without a warm place to lay their head at night. I donated, did you?

To read the full post and donate Click Here, follow the links to find out what you can do to help in your own area.

“Our mission is to keep the homeless warm this winter one person at a time.

Now that its winter and its cold, many people are forced to stay outside due to the lack of space in homeless shelter. Large quantities of homeless people are stranded right now in the cold and soon to be freezing weather. We are very lucky to have coats and accessories to keep us warm.

Just imagine the happiness and relief we can bring these individuals by collaborating and giving them hats and scarfs. By a simple donation of any kind we can reach out to thousands of homeless people that might otherwise be left helpless. Not only are we keeping these people warm but we are also helping them survive freezing weather in their already harsh conditions. You can make a difference in a persons life. Two dollars will buy a hat, two dollars will buy a scarf.

With your help we will be delivering hats and scarfs throughout this winter in the New York City and northern New Jersey areas.

Thank you in advance your kindness and willingness to partner up with us in this effort.” – As posted on Keep the Homeless Warm this Winter’s Facebook Profile


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