my words work like barnes n' noble…

Whats up with M.i.$ Stupid!?

YO! Life has been coming at me full speed lately- but this damn blog has been hangin over my head so heres a quick update! Coming off of a series of highs, lows, and seriously grimey situations we have decided to take a step back from playing shows and do a little regrouping. We have started routinely pumping out new tracks and have started working with some incredible people that are pushing us in directions we didn’t even know we could go! If you haven’t already heard it, take a listen to our newest track “Whiskey Kings” which was inspired by a couple particularly sloppy nights in Long Beach. Much love to all involved 😉

Whiskey Kings can be found here:

Also, keep an eye peeled for our latest track Blame Me- being mixed right now! It definitely has an edgier sound and feel thats guaranteed to creep you out- in the best kind of way.

We will be back on the SD bar circuit with a brand new album and merch mid January and then hopefully hittin the road to get some serious touring under our belts.

Thank you all for listening, you ain’t seen nothin yet!

Monkeys In Space with Unwritten Law

Mi$ with Scott Russo of Unwritten Law


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