my words work like barnes n' noble…

Mi$ and Strung Out, A match made in hell.

Work could not end any earlier today- As indicated by this little mid-day blog-ettin I have clearly checked out- making the final preperations to leave for Long Beach tonight is numero uno on todays agenda.. Mi$ will be rocking 2 festivals this Halloween weekend. Friday night we’ll be at the official ComicCon Costume Party keepin it fresh with acts like Shiny Toy Guns and Too Short. And then Saturday.. well Saturday is like a dream come true for us- I remember back in middle school when I first met Hig, Strung Out.. and well pretty much the whole Fat Wreck Chords catalogue brought us together and began our musical endeavors.. And Saturday- we finally get to share the stage with our childhood legends at the Harbor Haunt Fest in the Seaport Marina Hotel. As usual we will most likely be the drunkest kids there- so come celebrate Monkeys style and we will find some trouble to get into!

“the music used to be everything and the music used to heal, but business soon becomes reality, and nothing left inside is real.” – Strung Out

Hopefully there are bowls to be had before the weekend is out.


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