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2018 for Monkeys In Space


Time to finally get this album done.

A lot of time has passed since we have released new music or done anything of note.. Life smacked us in the face and we never saw it coming. To afford to keep our families and lives a float we had to put our dreams and our plans on hold to re-group.

We continued working towards the completion of our next full-length album, Kill Your Past,  but it has been several years in the making and I have definitely succumbed to more than a few moments of doubt that we would ever get to share these songs with the world.

Kill Your Past is filled with songs of growing up, moving on- the painful moments and the happiest of the past 4 years and our time on this earth. Lessons learned and repeated mistakes.. born of something deep down in our souls.. It is something I blindly refused to let die and even at the loneliest and worst of times- I never let the drive to finish the record and return to the stage subside.

Over our 10+ years as a band we have worked with a lot of mixers and producers and never seemed to get the sound that we were going for. So much so, that a lot of our songs over the last 4 years will forever remain on the cutting room floor. We decided that if we wanted the album done right, we would have to record, mix and produce the record ourselves.. And that is just what we have done. It has added years to the process with all of the curve balls life has thrown our way but the songs have only been made better by the years.

With the process taking much, much longer than we had ever hoped for- we decided to start releasing songs along the way. I am stoked to say you can now hear 6 of these new songs everywhere music is sold or streamed online and it is just the beginning! We will continue to release songs until the final release of the full album this winter 2018.

With the release of Kill Your Past will be a whole new Monkeys In Space. Older, wiser (we hope), and more From Space to Your Face, Badass-Assness than ever before. We will be returning to the stage in support of the new album and hope to pick up right where we left off.. as the baddest band in show biz.

Thank you to everyone that has stayed with us along the way, we can’t wait to bring the rock to you soon.. Kill Your Past WILL be released winter 2018 and we will reclaim our crowns as the one and only Whiskey Kings. Stay connected with us on our Facebook and our Website for news on upcoming single releases and pre-order information.

From ours to yours, we give you Kill Your Past:

It’s official.. Preproduction on the new Monkeys record is finally underway

Peep the new track Believe in its earliest stage- before all the blistering guitars, huge drums, and slammin bass.. production production production get added.. Here is the first new song off of our upcoming album, in it’s rawest form and about 20 minutes after being fully written. Follow this track from the beginning to the studio final for an inside look at how we create, record, mix, produce and press your favorite Monkeys In Space songs.. Stay tuned after the song for an update on the band.. and an explanation as to where the fuck we have been since we got back from tour!

Much love and I can’t wait to hit the stage for you kids soon!


Mi$ live with the Ataris.. Ima bout to get a degree and Fearless Records Internship..



So the original Monkey crew, including Josh Smith and Ryan Higginson will be sharing the Stage with J and I for the Ataris show in Temecula on September 8th.. We have all made our peace and figure rocking together is a much better alternative then… well.. not.. I am stoked to get up there and melt some faces with the guys that put Mi$ on the map.. literally. 

And so it seems, despite many attempts to curtail my own academic performance, I have managed to pull though and earn myself a degree from Columbia College- Pretty stoked to begin the next chapter of my life in music and academia. 

Tomorrow I start my internship at Fearless Records.. Hopefully this road leads to Warped Tour..Excited to be apart of a team that does professionally what I have been trying to do DIY for the last 5 years.. Eager to learn- to say the least. 

Hope to see all of you in Temecula on the 8th.. Life has been pretty hectic lately and some familiar faces would be comforting! 


from space to your face.. 

Monkeys In Space Rock SOMA SAN DIEGO with Authority Zero!

Mi$ with Authority Zero Soma San Diego

Mi$ and Authority Zero live at Soma San Diego




Johnny & Lu-Dog

New Pup Johnny Rukkus & Lucy Rukkus


Monkeys In Space live on San Diego Radio Tonight! (FM – 91x)


Tune into 91x (91.1) tonight in San Diego for a chance to win a pair of tickets to our upcoming show with Unwritten Law! A $40 VALUE! We will be live on air tonight and will provide a keyword- first two people to post to our Facebook ( with the given keyword win!

Upcoming shows this Friday and Saturday- come out and meet the new guys and check out the killer new sound!

Mi$ Live on 91x

Monkeys In Space Live on 91x







Rukkus Raw- Joey Cape & Tony Sly Acoustic Part 2

Rukkus Raw- Joey Cape & Tony Sly Acoustic Part 2

Joey Cape (Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut) and Tony Sly (No Use For A Name) have released a second Acoustic Album together- real mellow music of the punk rock hits I grew up on.. takes me back to a better place and you can stream it all for free here!



After 3 years.. this is the first Monkeys In Space fan uploaded video. Thanks Jvel for the live version of Hate Hate Everything! The first time we ever performed it.. i didn’t even have the words down yet, its a mouthful- but it sounds pretty good, ya think!?

So Typhoon went off and I was stoked to see so many happy rocking faces singing back at me! Wish I saw the same when I looked to the back end of the stage where the rhythm section resides. Despite exhausting efforts to train a new drummer in time we just couldn’t pull it together and after all that went down between Josh and Ryan and I.. or well didnt go down between us.. in fact nothing really was said about anything except it was clear on this night that the Monkeys In Space I knew was changing and there was a clear and definite divide between Ryan & Josh and Jeremy & I.

I have always been a bit of hard ass about practicing and keeping our shit together tight.. I push hard and I try to evoke the will and determination to succeed. I have learned recently that this technique, will wear on certain people and have quite the opposite effect. I have watched before as something important to me has slipped through my fingers out of pure stubbornness and I have tried to correct this behavior.. but alas the ever-emotional musician side of me pours out and can often overwhelm anyone in it’s path. So out of pure impulse and drive and determination to not fail (and not return to day jobs) J and I started making the hard decisions we have, as a band refused to make or acknowledge fully. Josh and Ryan rather than cast a vote, sat back and waited for direction and then had nothing but sour faces at the direction we had chose. After two months of touring it became evident that the will of our rhythm section was fading fast and after so many words said about family and this that before leaving- we hit a rough patch and these guys were out quicker then we ever saw coming! Naturally this drove me ballistic and my personal relationships with Ryan and Josh quickly deteriorated after that. I was furious that these guys hadn’t thought anything through we had been talking about for the last year, their unwillingness to make any sacrifices and to show any fight for Monkeys In Space sickened me. There lack of preperation and support was beginning to weigh heavily on playing and creating music and with them everything turned into more of a chore then our saving grace as it once was.  And Ryan- whom I have been friends with for the last 15 years refused to even look us in the eye or acknowledge or talk about anything.. who knows if he ever cared at all. Like a machine. Except when it came to drums.. So enough of that.. whether I like it or not.. I have to let this chapter close. So here it finds us at our last show together.. split as ever we have chosen corners and stick to them like two boxers in the ring- only coming together for a few brief clashes of wit and insult. Funny enough we actually killed it that night.. so we might not have been talking to each other- in fact Josh left without even saying goodbye to me.. but the all business side showed up and we handled it- as i have drilled it into them.

This situation continues to bring a lyric from the Strung Out song “Crossroads” to mind “Remember when the music used to be everything, the music used to heal- but business soon becomes reality and nothing left inside is real…”

J and I are determined to get back to what is real!

I am stoked that we are finally moving on and we will be back June 10 2012 rocking for a good cause with some very special guest players! On the 10th we will be rocking a benefit alongside the Filthy Violets in support of the Invisible Children Foundation. Knowledge is Power.

“In the spring of 2003, three young Americans traveled to Africa in search of such as story. What they found was a tragedy that disgusted and inspired them. A story where children are weapons and children are the victims. The “Invisible Children: rough cut” film exposes the effects of a 20 year-long war on the children of Northern Uganda. These children live in fear of abduction by rebel soldiers, and are being forced to fight as a part of violent army. This wonderfully reckless documentary is fast paced, with an MTV beat, and is something truly unique. To see Africa through young eyes is humorous and heart breaking, quick and informative – all in the very same breath. See this film, you will be forever changed.”

Invisible Children Benefit Event Details:

Students at HTHNC in San Marcos work with the organization, Invisible Children, a non- profit committed to providing the citizens of Northern Africa with sustainable resources and skills to live and thrive in peace.This is non- profit and to raise money to aid in providing schools, education, development and resources to the people of Northern Africa.

This concert will take place at the Ché Café on UCSD’s campus in La Jolla on Sunday, June 10th.

Live Entertainment provided by: Monkeys In Space, the filthy violets, the fixtures and one I red.

After meltin some faces for a good cause we will be back in San Diego again on the 23rd sharing the stage with UNWRITTEN LAW and Versus the World (including members of Lagwagon and the Ataris). How fuckin cool is that!? We will be gettin a party bus together for all of you PB kids and we hope you guys will turn out in full support so we can let UL know who should be out on the next tour with them.. Soon enough..


Also a new record is in the works and if you are worried that losing the members will distract or take away from our sound “Flying Under the Influence” was J and I’s creation.. nothings changed..


Back with more ranting and raving soon enough im sure..

Life is a Roller Coaster..

It’s getting harder and harder for me to enjoy anything at all these days as I am always so obnoxiously aware of the fact that every moment is fleeting and any bit of happiness I may find myself in at the time will dissolve just as quickly as it came. I feel like I could use some of the Pacific Ocean to wash this all away.

Anyways, life on the road was all the greatest things and the worst at the same time! J and I fell in love with the life and soaked in every moment.. hanging out late. partaking in a little parlaying.. girls.. coffee.. cigarettes.. the whole bit- and then we got to rock, every fucking night. “If there is a heaven- certainly this must be it” I remember thinking. Like a dream- and just as quickly as I had found my place there, I find myself back here in this dark dingy room in my hometown writing this sad reflection of my current state of affairs . Swallowed by self-doubt and insecurity but still grasping at whatever whisps of hope I can manage it seems as if all the light that shined so bright the last 3 months has hastily burned off. We have been back for about a week or so and since it has seemed like a constant shit storm. Repairing the bus cost about $2500 bucks (New Transmission) overall and tore a gaping whole in our savings that never did end up getting patched. Credit cards are maxed and bank accounts are still overdrawn and in an effort to keep momentum in LA we are pushing on with plans to move there- despite being broke as can be. Also, Unfortunately it seems somewhere along the way Ryan and Josh lost faith in the music and to add insult to injury promptly bailed on all of our plans for a bigger and brighter future in the US work force. well.. may the force be with them, Monkeys In Space will keep on trekkin and I wish them the best in all of their future endeavors… Ok people told me this required some explanations so here it is.. Josh is merely 19 and fresh out of High School I think we through a bit too much at him too quick- being so young he still has many roads to travel before arriving at any conclusions about where he should be in his life.. and hes definitely got at least another 2 years of fucking off altogether. We get that! Shit, at 25 the only thing I have figured out is that the Monkeys are ALL I give a shit about. Ryan on the other hand was a serious letdown that is hard to swallow- but we all knew it was a matter of time. Things got a bit shady with him towards the end and he began to sabotage more than help.. We have been best friends for almost 15 years and I am literally heartbroken over having to say goodbye to him and the way it went down.. without a sound. This was his life for three years and he left without fighting for us at all- which was a clear indication he had checked out long ago. I suppose these are the type of things that are better left unsaid on a public forum, but everyone has been asking and I have never been one to hold my tongue. Hopefully someday Ryan and I will be able to be friends again, but I learned long ago he puts little stock in friendship, so..

..and  So we returned with plans to write and record our “Appetite for Destruction,” if you will and we fully intend on seeing this plan through. It seems as if we will be doing this record the same way we did Flying Under the Influence.. Countless hours in a tiny hot room with sketchy power and even sketchier duct-taped-together equipment tracking every thought in our poor brains! Honestly, I am quite excited and relieved as Monkeys In Space has always been J and I’s vision and we have always felt as if we were dragging the other two along (and for the most part, have had to record their parts between the two of us). I guess it’s time to give up the idea of four best friends from childhood taking over the world.. but hey- 2 best friends holding it down for the hometown- I am most certainly content with. J and I have an uncanny ability to get on the same wave length musically and write with one another. You can literally feel the magic- and the lyrics and music seem to just poor out. This record is gonna be our masterpiece. We have already spent about a week working on some preproduction and it is coming along better then we could have ever imagined. With Deez Drucker, the brother of our long time friend Josh Drucker filling in on the kit and Josh Smith stickin around to fullfil some commitments- with a fresh face in KC Kush for that hip hop edge- we are creating some great new music that is really shaping up to be Mi$’s sound. So I suppose among a rather dreary post there does seem to be a bit of light breaking through and by the end of the month Josh Drucker will be up to help us track the new songs before we take off to LA to PUSH PUSH PUSH the new record. Peter Nudo ( has signed on to do the new album cover work again and we are pumped on that!

Hear the latest track off our upcoming record and after reading this you should know exactly what Hate Hate Everything is about. It’s a surprisingly upbeat tune with our usual “down but not out” lyrical content like “Constipate, Recalculate, believe so hard its sacrilege, fuck the cow- you bought the farm and now you dont know what to do with it…” I continue to live my life as an open book and tell all.. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass.. but people are so fucking fake these days I find it refreshing to be able to just SAY ANYTHING. I feel as if you can almost feel and hear the doubt and hope simultaneously in our voices as we shout the Chorus “You know i’ve been hanging around, oh and everyones bringin me down” Hope you enjoy it.. and can relate.. and hang on.

Well to be fair.. my state of affairs are not all that bad after all- Ray Roman just completed the 4 part miniseries chronicling our tour adventures and he did an amazing job! The band now has some IMDB credits and a brand spanking new DVD coming out with live show footage, interviews, behind the scenes debauchery and much much more! Can’t thank you enough Ray for sorting all that out.. it means the world to us. Ray spent about a full month sorting through 100+ gigs of Iphone Footage we managed to shoot ourselves while we were out. Show some love and see why i found my heaven in a Ford Shuttle Bus.

Check out all Four Parts:


We have met with a few record labels and are currently working hard on getting our record heard on our terms. As soon as we can afford it we are gonna start an advertising/marketing campaign to promote the new tracks.. even if it leaves us in the poor house- at least we will be there together and we will have our guitars as they will have to pry those from our cold dead hands! We are unwilling to budge on the dreams and believe me when I say we pay the price every day.. but I literally dont think I am qualified to do anything else and I fuckin love it.. i need it!

We will be rocking Typhoon Saloon this Friday May 18th in the heart of Pacific Beach with Latex Grenade- its gonna be an insane rock n’ roll party.. You dont want to miss this! We will be performing several new songs including Pretty Rock City and Rock and Blow.. Looking at those two titles together it sounds like we are becoming KISS  but you’ll just have to come out and see what thats all about!

Mi$ Live at Typhoon Saloon, San Diego Ca






Until next time.. this is.. RukkusRAW

Tour Tip #313 Don’t “date” strippers from Vegas.. Just DONT.

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